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Sleeping in my dreams,
Will I wake up?

I fall asleep to wake up,
I dream my eyes open wide,
I just stopped giving a fuck and realized this is my life,
You shut it down to a window that's deep inside of your mind,
I open up to existence and keep it fluent with time,
Stay warm, stay vivid, stay lucid and bored,
Feeling worn, and tired, and crippled and torn,
Saying goodbye to these visions i subconsciously find,
Craving more for the ignition of whats consciously mine,
Im confining and blind, im holding out on emotions,
There's no rewinding my days slip in and out of these choices i make
With no one to skew them, and thats including my head,
I just cant form them into something ill let out of my mouth and so I...

Sleeping in my dreams,
Will I wake up?

Which ever the way the wind's blowing is the direction that I'm pointing I'm posted up like I'm zeissu and in my dreams I'm anointed. I wanna go back to the point when i fell asleep in the meadow and I woke up with a pocket full of sand and diamonds standing in the crescendo.
I bend so far backwards that my dreams become vivid reality is a fallacy for all those who ain't dip in I'm fucking sick and trying sitting in silence and hiding to fathom this science of turning from an angel to tyrant,
I get by and that's enough but my chain might tell you different my pants are tighter pockets packed with lighters and incense,
I've been a mess and still happy die slows the life not a test but I put a little bit of test in the motto and pick a piece of my own will and try to get up the courage to gently just place it on the edge,
No snap back but I snap in to a new space if you'll have me,
we'll go halfzies on extravaganzas as the eyes see far so gladly. Sleep baldly and not often. The oceans not your friend. But live deep and think deeper. Till we've earned the right to rest. Audrey.


from Where Do We Go From Here, released January 31, 2014
Produced By: Cosmo Doris
Featuring: Chriish Audrey and Emilia Valdez



all rights reserved


Remi Belleville, Ontario

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.

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